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Some basic rules for the events:

Softball Tournament Rules

Basic Rules

  • Teams need to consist of at least 9 players, all skills are welcome.

  • If Team A has 10 and Team B has 9 players, Team B will get an automatic out at the 10th batter position.

  • If a team has more than 10 players, everyone can bat, but only 10 can field.

  • Players must bat in the same order per game.

  • Each game will consist of 5 innings or a 45 minute time period, whichever occurs first.

  • Batters will start with a 1 ball 1 strike count.

  • Foul ball on a 2-strike count will be a strikeout.

  • Runners must touch the safety home plate for each run.  Crossing the primary home plate will result in an out.

  • Protecting the pitcher: if a batter hits a ball at the pitcher before it hits the ground, batter is out and play is paused, unless the pitcher catches the ball.

  • No leading off for base runners.  Runners must be in contact with the base prior to the batter making contact.

  • There will be a 7 run limit per inning.

  • 1 up rule for out of the park home-runs.  If Team A hits a home-run, the next home-run will be an out unless Team B has hit one as well.

  • For coed teams, a walk to a guy who is followed by a girl will result in the guy being awarded 2nd base.

  • Female players will have the option of batting OR taking a walk IF there is an open base.

  • If a team has multiple female players, a male player needs to bat in between them.  Loading the bases by stacking female batters is not allowed.

  • At least one female player needs to be on defense at all times.

  • If a team has a male player 14 years or younger, they will have the coed rules applied to them as well.

  • Listen to the umpires.  Whatever they say goes.

  • Be a good sport and have fun!

Extra Innings

  • If the game is tied after above game limit, an additional inning will be played with these modified rules:

    • Batters will start with a 3 ball 2 strike count.

    • Foul ball will be a strikeout.


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