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Another year has gone by.  So slow, yet so quickly.  James would have been 2 by now.  We imagine James walking and talking with his wild and crazy hair.  If he were still with us, our home would probably be a huge mess with his toys all over the floors.   Even now, James is still accumulating things in our home.  He received gifts for his birthday and Christmas such as ornaments, plush baseballs, and other engraved items.  His memory box and trunk are not too small.  Jimmy will need to build him a new one soon!

We are still participating in A Memory Grows events and have kept in touch with the wonderful friends we made through the group.  James had his own sign that we ordered and kept from the AMG 5k.  His picture was also selected for the AMG banner that they used throughout the year, so that was quite exciting!  Over the holidays we had a little AMG reunion party which was fun to catch up with our friends.

This year we did not get to travel as much as the prior year.  We did our usual big summer trip with the extended family to New Orleans and Destin.  The other trips were short ones around Texas.  Most of our time this year was spent at home.  This was mainly due to our big news of James becoming an older brother!  His baby sister Elle was born in late October.  When she arrived, we immediately saw the resemblance in the two.  She looked like his twin sister, crazy hair and all!  James would have been an awesome big brother and would have loved Elle just like big sister Hailey loves her.

Things have been quite busy in our home with baby Elle.  Our family visits a lot more to see her.  She keeps us up some nights, but we are just so overwhelmed with joy that she is healthy and such a happy baby.  At night Elle sleeps in her crib with our James bear.  We like to think that he is watching over her.

For James’ birthday this year, we had the family over and made birthday boxes again to be given to homeless kids in the North Dallas area.  We hope it will bring happiness to these little ones for their birthdays.  In continuing to honor his memory, we are preparing for the Games for James 2019 softball tournament.  We hope for another successful year and are excited to see everyone there again!


Family photo

James bear and Elle


AMG 5k 



Birthday Boxes.jpg

Birthday Boxes


Making birthday boxes

Hope Supply.JPG

Hope Supply Delivery


Happy 2nd Birthday James!


Elle in her "Little Sister" Shirt

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